Online Prices

Internet Prices

Please note the following very important information regarding the comparison of prices on the internet. While the internet is great for getting ideas, it is very often vastly misleading. We are all aware that various companies offer 'headline grabbing figures' to get your attention but these very rarely, if ever, are what they seem to be at first.

When searching for vehicle prices online consider the following vital points. The cheapest priced vehicle is very rarely the best 'value'. Are you comparing like for like vehicles? For example, are the engine sizes and bhp the same? Is the vehicle an ex daily hire van that has had a hundred drivers grinding the gears and destroying the clutch etc, is it a 'ghost advert' ie the ones that are duplicated library pics and are not available but are listed to get you to make contact. How far away is the vehicle as a 400 mile round trip, a day off work and a large fuel bill to view a van that is not as nice as you were told when you arrive is not the best of ideas for time or money well spent. This scenario also leaves you with no local support or backup during the ownership of your vehicle. Also bear in mind the spec levels. Does one have Air con, electric windows, electric mirrors, factory sat nav, factory bluetooth, rear park sensors etc, as all of these things add value both now and when you are re-selling it down the line. We never buy from auction and all of our vehicles are prepared to a very high standard and have our full backup.

For every retail deal we do we offer a free loan vehicle when yours is off the road for service, repair or warranty work. We can arrange extras such as seat covers, security locks, towbars, roofracks, signwriting, ply lining, hands free kits etc. All our vehicles come with warranty and local support.

We have done regular exercises over the last few years where we have taken a lot of time and effort to compare apparent 'bargains' online with our own vehicles. When delved into there is always, without exception, reasons as to why ours is the price it is and the other one is cheaper. It can range from the most extreme examples (ie stolen, write offs, on finance etc) to the more common and basic such as the vehicle is simply not as described when you travel to view it.

There is very good reason why we are here over 35 years after our start, there is very good reason why so many others (including main dealers) have gone bust in the last few years. There is very good reason why we are chosen year after year to be the supplier for Bournemouth Council and many other large groups, companies and individuals when on the face of it they would all be mad not to buy the 'cheaper' online options.

We totally understand that everyone is after the best deal they can get and we can assure you that we do offer the best value packages, we do not offer the cheapest headline grabbing rate and we are damn proud of that.

If you have any questions or require any further information on any aspect of our business then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 434373.

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